Great music, where has it gone? 

Hey Kinfolks,
I was watching a youtube clip of a live performance of Nancy Wilson doing the song guess who I saw today. Ok lets start here SHE IS AMAZING!!!! What got me first was the way she delivered the song but as she went on the song itself began to shine. I love it when a song draws me in and I feel like I'm right there in the middle of whatever the song is about. I don't get that feeling from some of the music I hear, how about you? Don't get me wrong this is not about old or new music but more like…Read more

Feel The Vibe


We all do things in life that we shouldn't. It may be that cross word, that mean look, the lie we told, or the feelings we hurt with no reguard. We have all been on the other side of some of those same things. If any of you are like me you have held onto those hurts and those feelings for too long. They have eaten away at you for years and have held you captive. We tend to hold on to the pain and to react every time we see the ones whom have caused us this pain. When we do this we have given power to those who have hurt us. We are stuck in a place where we will never grow mean while the person who caused the pain has moved on. So here we are mad at them , blood presure rising, teeth clenched and fist all balled up. And they have the biggest smile on their face and without a care in the world. But we are STILL hurting. So how do we get over this situation? Forgive them! Remember you are not 100% innocent. You have caused pain and hurt as well so in order for you to be forgiven you must forgive them. How does that work? It says in the Bible Matthew chapter 6 verse 14 " If you forgive those who sin against you your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins". If you want to be free...LET GO AND LET GOD. Stop holding on to the pain and hurt let it go and live!

The second thing is FORGIVE YOURSELF! I have beaten myself up for years because of my failings in this life. I pay for my mistakes every day. But is that healthy? No it's not. You are human you are going to make mistakes, learn from them and let them go. Ask God to forgive you..and once you have done that he will cast those sins into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered by him again. God cast those things away....leave them there.

Ask those whom you have wronged to forgive you. This will be a tough one trust me. Your pride is gonna realy act up on you with this one. I asked someone for forgiveness for anything I had done that may have hurt her. Why did I do that? She questioned my motives, character and was down right mean! But the point was I asked and had done what God said do. Some people will never let you out of the box they put you in. Remember like us some people won't let the pain go.Don't give it a second thought. You have done the right thing and now they have the problem and not you. Just thought I would share this little tid bit with you.

Love you all


In this life of mine some things are sure, Yet I wonder if all around me is real. Plastic faces, microwave relationships, and disposable friends cloud my vision of you.I search for you lost,yet you have never moved. It is in these times that I hear your voice so clear that I tremble in adoration and fear. Who am I that you would care? Who am I that you would even call my name? How have I been so blind ? I have looked for love and tenderness all around me and you were here all the time. No words would ever be enough to express my love for you. You have given me all when I thought I had nothing. So I surrender. For what more can I do ? Without you I am nothing , with you I live and am complete. Let this gift my life Honor you in all that I do, let my actions proclaim my undying devotion to you my life, my strength, my all !


Over the past year I have seen and dealt with alot. Just recently I lost one who was like a Father to me when I needed it most My Uncle Dickie. He was a man's man and always let me know that I was to be more than average. He was always reaching for the heavens and the funny thing is that he always made it. He always made me believe that I could be someone, That I was someone! He lead they way for me to follow and even though he lived in California and I in DC I never felt the distance. I miss him and it's hard to let him go. My heart Hurts and I feel lost at the moment. Not because I don't know what to do but cause I find it hard to imagine my life with out him. I remember his basket ball stories of how he schooled Elgin Baylor, and how he made a living for a time as a door to door salesman. I also remember him saying that the more he tried to do things on his own the worse it got (which I could never tell). And then he said something that has made ALL the difference in my life. He said he wasn't successful until he put God first! He made more money and did more things in this life by just seeking God! So in this time that hurts me so I will lean on God , I will confide my tears and pain in him and as uncle Dickie said he will lead me! Uncle Dickie I love you , I miss you , I appreciate all that you have shown and shared with me in this life of mine. Take it easy on the courts when playing with the angels I know ya schooling em all, Tell Aunt Desi, Martha,Tarzi, Annabelle,Lutricia, Uncle Rufus, Raymond, Bo, tubie,Nanny,George , My Father , My Grandfathers and God I love them all and hug them for me in a way that only you can. Tell them that I won't let them down . I'm gonna make all of you proud!!!!

Missing Love Before it's gone.
By: Dennis M. Atkinson

Saying goodbye is hard when your heart is asking your head" what have you done to us". Yet we do the most damnable things and we feel blind sided when that sparkle is gone from their eyes. Or when we don't hear that smile in their voice when when they call your name.Funny thing is your heart has been telling you your messing up for some time. But you figure that I'll square this away tomorrow. That tomorrow truns into last week, last month and by now it has hit the fan. So you adjust, you spin the situation and put the bandaids on hoping it will close the wound enough for you to catch up.So you ease the tension and you may be fool enough to think it's healed. But you forgot to communicate again, and you didn't give that needed phone call just to say "Hey I'm tied up right now , But I just wanted you to know that I love U, I SURE MISS YOU, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU." See we MISS that part. And then comes the distance, lack of trust and maybe the unthinkable! So you stand there missing their smile, that hug that used to be there at the end of a hell filled day.You miss that feeling of knowing that someone was loving themselves some U. You miss that touch! You miss the thought of the future. When at that point you you ask how did I get here? Some how I missed my turn, I was missing the signs. That feeling that you had months ago, that warning your heart gave your head was your heart missing love before it was gone!!! 
Don't wait another day!!!! Tell them how much they matter, Love them like there is NO TOMORROW, Live for them and your heart won't miss that something , somethin. You won't have to miss anything. Cause the love that could have gone away is healthy , happy, and safe with you

Heaven has a new Star
Our world got a little darker today.The music we hear just doesn't seem to sound the same. A little of our Soul is gone. It all seems so unfair to us at least that such a blessing would be taken from us. We shed tears as we remember his light. But I can't help but feel that Heaven just got a little brighter cause it has a new Star. The heavenly Choir has a sweeter sound. The angels are learning a new groove. And God is content cause his Gerald is right there next to him singing his praises. Remember God loved him before we did and missed him a little more than we will. So rejoice for he is home at the right hand of the Father that birthed us all..
Rest in peace Gerald ......................